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Education is at the heart of what we do to make Maine better for pedestrians and people on bikes. We offer programs for all ages and abilities—we want to see more Mainers getting outside and getting active, whether on bikes or as pedestrians! Click here for an overview of our education offerings.

We believe that all children should grow up learning how to ride a bike safely, so we partner with the Maine Department of Transportation to provide youth bicycle and pedestrian safety education in schools across Maine. Click here to receive the Safe Routes to School newsletter.

Not everyone grew up learning the rules of the road, so we offer a variety of educational programs for adults to ensure that cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers alike are informed about staying safe on the roads. We also offer BPSE training to help people become educators in their own communities.

We also love riding off the road! We teach mountain bike skills to adults and children and work to build safe and exciting trails around the state.

Are you new to cycling or looking for some basic info? Check out our Biking Basics.

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