Valet Bike Parking

Want to make your event more bike and pedestrian friendly? Offer Valet Bike Parking!

NEW IN 2023: The BCM’s Valet Bike Parking Program is now available for hire! Have an event that you want to encourage more active transportation to and from? Looking to ease traffic congestion? Have limited parking onsite? Just love bikes? Let us help you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: In 2023 Thompson’s Point informed the BCM that they are making a commitment to longer term active transportation solutions on their campus and decided not to ask the BCM to host VBP service this summer. We’ve loved parking your bikes the past several years for summer concerts, and we encourage you to pack your bike lock when you ride to the point for a show this season!


Anyone arriving to your event on a bike can have it parked for free in a designated area that is fully blocked off and monitored for the duration of the event. Event attendees simply ride up to the bike valet where valet volunteers take their name and phone number, place a tag on their bike and a matching wristband on the rider. That’s it! 

No more trying to find a tree to lock your bike to, no bike locks needed, and no waiting in a long line of traffic! We’ve parked hundreds of bikes at the State Theatre’s Summer Concert Series at Thompson’s Point, and at Beach to Beacon’s annual 10k race at Fort Williams Park. We’d love to help you at your event! Interested? Read on, and we’ll explain how it works to hire us.


We have three different options to choose from: Valet Bike Parking Plus, Valet Bike Parking Standard, and Bike Rack Rental.


The BCM provides two staff and all equipment needed to run VBP at your event. You provide volunteers and a location for the service with a perimeter. Transportation of racks to and from your event can also be provided. Note: our bike racks are stored in Portland, significant travel (+1 hour each way) will incur additional charges.


The BCM provides one hour of training with a staff member on how to run VBP. We will NOT be onsite during your event. All equipment is the same as with the VBP Plus service. Note: our bike racks and equipment are stored in Portland, you will need to transport them to and from your event.


If you need racks for your event, and are not doing Valet Bike Parking, we still got you covered. Note: our bike racks are stored in Portland, you will need to transport them to and from your event.

For an accurate quote please fill out the Valet Bike Parking Program Application. Rates are based upon which service you choose (Valet Bike Parking Plus, Valet Bike Parking Standard, or Bike Rack Rental), the number of hours your event runs, and whether you can provide transportation of equipment to and from your event.

For a point of reference: VBP Plus for an event organized by a for-profit organization* lasting four hours, whose organizers can transport the racks themselves would cost about $520. For that same scenario, VBP Standard would cost about $350.

*We offer a 15% discount for nonprofits!

The event organizer is responsible for constructing a perimeter around the VBP area. The perimeter must completely close off the VBP area, so that there is only one entrance. This prevents people from walking into the VBP area and grabbing bikes. Snow fencing with stakes, or construction barriers work well. We do not recommend simply roping off an area, as people can walk under the rope!

valet bike parking set up example
Example of an acceptable perimeter- full “snow” fencing + stakes

The bike racks are 10 feet long and aluminum; weighing only a few pounds each. Each rack consists of one hollow 10 foot tube, and legs that go inside the tube for transport. The amount of space depends upon how many bikes you expect at your event. We do not charge by the rack, so if you are unsure, it may be best to overestimate. Each rack can hold 6-8 bikes depending upon their weight and size.

We recommend finding a flat area and spacing the racks with two to three feet on all sides so that you can walk around the racks and place/retrieve bikes. Additionally, you will need room for bikes that cannot go on racks (e-bikes, recumbents, tandems). We usually recommend these go along the perimeter.

bike racks with bikes on them

It is your responsibility to recruit volunteers. Based upon previous events we recommend:

2 fully trained staff (the BCM or your ORG) + four volunteers for events with up to 150 bikes lasting up to 6 hrs.  If your event exceeds these limits we suggest adding volunteers or scheduling multiple volunteer shifts.

Incentivize volunteers with things like free admission to your event, volunteer shirts, snacks, or other swag!