Children enjoying a bike rodeo

Youth Education

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine is dedicated to teaching kids across the state how to safely enjoy biking and walking. Each year, we educate thousands of children and young adults in Maine. We offer various types of outreach, from classroom presentations to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure assessment. Please view the diversity of our education options below.

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Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education

Our Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education (BPSE) program ensures that kids across the state learn how to safely walk and bike to school or for recreation. Below are various ways in which we can teach best practices to kids in your school or community.

Fix-A-Bike Workshops

Learn how to fix a flat, pump up a tire, change a chain or cable, make shifting adjustments, and more in a hands-on learning experience.

Classroom Presentations

Students asking questions to an instructor during a safety presentation

25- to 50-minute interactive presentations for children K-8 in schools, clubs, or extra-curricular groups.

On-Bike Skills

A line of kids riding bikes at a rodeo

On-bike skills instruction for children K-8 using balance bikes (bikes without pedals) to teach handling skills on a customizable obstacle course. Bikes and helmets are provided.

Bike Rodeos

Close-up of kids at a bike rodeo

A fun, active, and engaging opportunity to learn safe walking and biking practices on a mock traffic course.

Instructional Rides

A guided ride with teens in tow

Guided rides during or outside of school to improve riding technique through instructional and active education. Instructional rides can be offered on a one-time basis or as a series.

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Safe Routes to School

In partnership with MaineDOT, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine manages the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program. This federally funded initiative, started in 2005, promotes safe walking and bicycling for Maine’s school children grades K-8. SRTS helps to facilitate the following events and programs:

Bike/Walk to School Day

Kids and adults celebrating Walk and Bike to School Day

We promote and help schools across Maine celebrate Bike to School Day every May and Walk to School Day every October by providing informational materials and assistance planning, or by organizing events. Our goal in supporting these events is to encourage schools to promote walking and biking with greater frequency.

Infrastructure Assessment

A BCM staff member conducts a walk and bike audit with concerned locals

We conduct walk and bike audits with any school or community looking to assess or make improvements to their walking and biking infrastructure.

Resources for How to Start a Walking School Bus

A walk-to-school group in action

The Walking School Bus (WSB) program—originally started in partnership with the Maine Center for Disease Control, Maine Department of Transportation, and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine—provides the resources and support necessary for schools to begin their own WSB program.

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