New Earn-A-Bike Program in Bangor

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine is partnering with the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor to launch this new earn-a-bike program in the summer of 2022. Students of the program will learn basic bike mechanic skills and traffic safety skills for riding on the road. At the end of the program, graduates will receive a fully refurbished bicycle and a new helmet, lock, safety lights, and an at-home repair kit. 

Program participants will learn about:

Bike Maintenance 
Students will learn basic bike maintenance skills, such as the ABC Quick Check and how to fix a flat tire. They’ll learn how to properly inflate their tires, lock their bicycles, use their home tool kit, and will be empowered to make repairs on their own. 

Traffic Skills 
Students learn the rules of the road so they can stay safe while riding. They learn proper hand signals, how to be visible and predictable, how to take the lane for a turn, and how to manage a variety of road scenarios, such as a busy intersection.

Biking for Transportation & Joy
For many program participants, their new bicycles will be their main form of transportation. Their new bicycles will also become a source of recreation and fun! 

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