Adult Education

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine is committed to making Maine better for walking and biking. In order to do that, we facilitate and manage programs that serve to educate Maine residents about safe walking and biking practices. Read more about our offerings below.

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Urban Riding Classes

Led by one of the BCM’s nationally-certified bicycle instructors, these urban riding classes offer tips and answers to questions about riding in traffic in Portland/South Portland (or any other U.S. urban area). These FREE classes will review when and how to “take the lane,” how to safely make left turns on busy streets, how to avoid being “right-hooked” by drivers, how to equip your bike, what to wear, and more! Click here to view our upcoming class schedule.

Trail-Riding Clinics

Similar to our urban riding classes, but for mountain bikes! As part of a small instructor-led group, you’ll learn about correct body position on the bike, how to use your brakes effectively, how to navigate roots and rocks, and the answers to all your MTB questions. These classes are aimed at beginner to intermediate riding levels. Click here to view available classes.

BPSE for Adults

In partnership with the MaineDOT, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine manages the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education Program (BPSE). This federally funded initiative educates bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists about best practices.

Fix-A-Bike Workshops
Learn how to fix a flat, pump up a tire, change a chain or cable, make shifting adjustments, and more in a hands-on learning experience.

Community Presentations
Our instructors can provide interactive presentations about bicycle and pedestrian safety at community events, meetings, conferences, and luncheons. These presentations can also include or focus predominantly on Bike Law.

On-Bike Instruction
Our instructors help riders become more confident on their bikes by practicing safe skills and technique-building activities.

On-Road Instruction and Traffic Safety
We can provide on-road instruction to individuals or groups to improve technical riding skills and teach proper positioning and etiquette. This program can be tailored to suit your group. We have worked with clubs, committees, and businesses to promote bicycling as a way to exercise, commute, and have fun! 

Technical Assistance for your Bike/Ped Committee
We can work directly with your town’s staff, public works department, bike/ped committees, or residents to help facilitate programs with the goal of implementing improved bicycling or walking infrastructure. 

League of American Bicyclists Programs

In partnership with the League of American Bicyclists, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine facilitates the Smart Cycling Program (Traffic Safety 101 & 102) and League Cyclist Instructor (LCI) training.

Smart Cycling Program
This course combines content from the League of American Bicyclists’ Traffic Skills 101 & 102 curriculum, in addition to group riding and commuting education. Designed to develop confidence and competence in bicycle riders, the program typically includes four hours of classroom instruction and five hours of on-bike instruction.

League Cycling Instructor training focuses on teaching and demonstration techniques for instructors. The seminar’s emphasis is on how to teach bicycle safety and skills to provide increased confidence in new and experienced riders alike. Candidates get hands-on experience during the seminar to practice facilitating parts of the curriculum, both in the classroom and on a bike. The seminar is normally one evening plus two full days.

Bikes for All Mainers

In partnership with MaineDOT, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine supports the Bikes for all Mainers program, which is run by the Portland Gear Hub. The goal of this program is to provide bikes and relevant education to adults that otherwise do not have access. As part of this program, individuals from underserved communities learn bike mechanic skills, safe biking practices, and complete community service.

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