Privacy Policy

  • What information do we take? We ask for your first name, last name, and email address to subscribe to updates about the Bicycle Coalition of Maine (BCM). We will send newsletters and other relevant messages to the email address that you provide. When you make a donation to the BCM, we also ask for your billing address and payment details.  
  • How do we use your information? We will send newsletters and other relevant messages to the email address that you provide and, if you choose to donate, use the payment information that you provide to make a payment to the BCM of your selected donation amount. 
  • Do we sell or give out your information to any other organizations or groups? None of your information is sold, rented, or provided to any other parties apart from the BCM, nor do we share our email lists with any other non-profits. This means that when you give information to the BCM, you are only giving it to the BCM and only for its stated purpose. 
  • What are cookies? Cookies are a mechanism of identifying a website user when they return to the page so that the platform can remember their preferences and basic information. 
  • Do we use cookies? Yes, our website uses cookies. On the BCM website, we use cookies if you’ve submitted a particular form with your contact information or if you’ve logged in (so that you may stay logged in). Your contact information is stored solely within the BCM’s database and is never sold or given away.  
  • How do we use Google Analytics? We use Google Analytics to analyze basic numerical data pertaining to use of the website (i.e. how many users are coming to the website each month, age categories and genders of users, country from which the user is viewing the site, etc.), but this data is anonymous and cannot be tracked back to your specific user profile or IP address.  
  • How can I opt out of receiving communications from the BCM after I have provided my information? At the bottom of any emails you receive from the BCM, you will see text that reads “unsubscribe.” Click on this hyperlink and you will be taken to a webpage where you can confirm your desire to unsubscribe. Unsubscribing removes you from all BCM email communications. If you unsubscribe from BCM messages, you will no longer receive BikeMaine or other event messages. You can only be re-subscribed upon request and with your confirmation. 
  • Your consent: By using, you agree to our website’s privacy policy. 

For further questions or comments about our privacy policy, please call (207) 623-4511 or click here to be redirected to our contact webpage.

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