Bicycle-Friendly Businesses

When you’re out on a long bike ride, or just bopping around town, it’s nice to know there’s a place where you can park your bike safely, use a restroom, and refill your water bottle. We are currently working on a map that will help you locate those businesses—stay tuned!

How to be a Bicycle-Friendly Business

Are you a business owner? There are many easy ways for you to welcome cyclists to your business and provide simple services that will make a cyclist’s day!

Consider these ideas:

  • Install a bike rack outside your business. The Bicycle Coalition is an authorized Dero bike rack dealer, so we can help you get one!
  • Allow cyclists to use your restrooms
  • Allow cyclists to use your WiFi
  • Allow phone charging
  • Provide free water bottle refills for cyclists
  • Have a bike pump on hand
  • Install a repair stand outside your business. We can help you get one through Dero.
  • Provide a small discount to customers with bike helmets
  • Include directions on your website for arriving to your business by bike

If you’d like to welcome bicycles to your business, write to and we’ll send you a decal for your window like this one: