The BCM works to make sure that all Mainers have access to safe, reliable modes of transportation, ensuring access to people of different abilities and economic levels.

Access legislation covers various topics from e-bikes and micro-mobility to snowplow regulations. It works to make sure that everyone has access to active transportation and that those forms of mobility and travel ways are protected. 

LD Title Status Topics BCM Testimony
256 Electric Bike Rebate Program WIN – Gov Signed Access BCM Testimony on 256
298 An Act to Study the Shared Use of the Public Right of Way LOSS – Bill is Dead Access  
687 An Act to Increase the Allowable Width of a Snowplow LOSS – Gov Signed – BCM Opposed Access, Infrastructure, Safety BCM Testimony on 687
1141 An Act to Improve Access and System Preservation by Providing Shoulders and Bicycle Lanes on State Roadways Leading to State Parks and Other Significant Destinations LOSS Access BCM Testimony on 1141
1390 An Act to Provide Self-service Motor Vehicle Services in Rural and Other Areas WIN – Passed to be Enacted Access  
1542 Resolve, to Direct the Department of Transportation to Study the Use of Micromobility Devices LOSS – Bill is Dead Access BCM Testimony on 1542
1621 An Act Regarding Environmental Justice WIN Access, Environment BCM Testimony on 1621
1780 Regulate the Operation of Micromobility Devices LOSS – Bill is Dead Access BCM Testimony on 1780