Alternative transportation will help Maine achieve its climate goals by replacing car miles and emissions. Active transportation (biking, walking) provides an enormous opportunity to protect our environment by replacing short driving trips with public transit, biking, or walking. The BCM supports legislation related to climate studies and efforts to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through the use of active transportation.

LD Title Status Topics BCM Testimony
142 An Act To Fund Climate-related Service Work LOSS – Gov Signed – BCM Opposed Environment  
216 Storm Water Management Exemption for Trails WIN – Gov Signed Trails, Environment BCM Testimony on 216
256 Electric Bike Rebate Program WIN – Gov Signed Access, Environment BCM Testimony on 256
932 An Act Requiring Climate Impact Notes on Proposed Transportation Legislation and Agency Rules DRAW – Bill Carried Over Environment BCM Testimony on 932
1156 Maine Trails Bond DRAW – Bill Carried Over Trails, Rail, Environment BCM Testimony on 1156
1411 Sector-specific Greenhouse Gas Emissions Limits WIN – Gov Signed Environment BCM Testimony on 1411
1621 An Act Regarding Environmental Justice WIN Access, Environment BCM Testimony on 1621