Community Grants

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020 Community Grant award cycle: Rockland and Madawaska!

The city of Rockland plans to use the $3,500 awarded to purchase and install bike repair stations, bike racks, and public safety signs as part of a larger effort in improve cycling in the downtown area. Madawaska’s proposal is to build a pump track at the Four Seasons trail network with their $3,000 award. Thank you to Northern Light Health and everyone who generously donated to fund this year’s grants during these difficult times!

We are proud of the work that has been accomplished over the past five years. Check out all of the projects we’ve funded below.

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2016 Community Grants

Since 2016, the BikeMaine Community Grant Fund has given $50,280 to communities throughout the state to fund cycling and pedestrian infrastructure projects. Typically the award money is funded through profits from BikeMaine. Supporting community wellbeing and economic development across Maine is a core principle of our ride, and this year is no different, despite BikeMaine being cancelled. The need for these projects is greater than ever, and we are relying on your support to help us keep these Grants going.

The BikeMaine Cookbook

Any amount you are able to contribute is appreciated, and does not go unnoticed. With any donation of $75 or more, you will receive a limited edition BikeMaine Cookbook. Compiled from some favorite recipes over the years, and scaled down to feed a family of considerably less than 550 hungry cyclists and volunteers, it’s your chance to relive BikeMaine in your own kitchen!

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