Community Grants

Since 2016, the BikeMaine Community Grant Fund has given $50,280 to communities throughout the state to fund cycling and pedestrian infrastructure projects. Supporting community wellbeing and economic development across Maine is a core principle of our ride, and this year is no different. Although BikeMaine 2020 has been cancelled, the need for these projects is greater than ever. We need your support to help fund BikeMaine Community Grants in 2020 and beyond.

We are proud of the work that has been accomplished over the past five years. Check out all of the projects we’ve funded below.

2016 Community Grants

2017 Community Grants

2018 Community Grants

2019 Community Grants

If you have ridden or volunteered with BikeMaine before, this is your chance to show continued support to those communities that welcomed us with open arms. If you are a BCM member, this is a chance to deepen your impact and commitment to improve cycling and walking in Maine. If you live or work in one of our Host Communities, this is your chance to support local people doing ambitious, important work. Several proposals for the 2020 grant cycle are currently being considered, but how many we can fully fund depends on how much we raise between now and September 19! A generous $2,500 sponsorship from Northern Light Health has laid the foundation, but in order to fully fund these projects, as well as bolster the fund for following years, we are hoping to raise an additional $7,500.

With any donation of $75 or more, you will receive a limited edition BikeMaine Cookbook, which will be shipping this fall. Compiled from some favorite recipes over the years, and scaled down to feed a family of considerably less than 550 hungry cyclists and volunteers, it’s your chance to relive BikeMaine in your own kitchen!

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