Great Maine Bike Swap FAQ

Below we’ve addressed some questions you may have about the Swap. It’s also possible you have questions we haven’t addressed, and if so, please contact us and we’ll do our best to get you the information you need:

About the Swap

1. What is the Great Maine Bike Swap?

The Great Maine Bike Swap is a community event put on by The BCM and The University of Southern Maine (USM), where anyone can buy quality used bicycles at an affordable price. Please bring a helmet if you have one, as you will need to wear it when test-riding bikes. You also can sell the bikes cluttering your garage or basement and turn them into cash. This year we are doubling the opportunity to buy and sell with not one, but TWO Swaps!

At the Swaps, you can choose from hundreds of bikes, including hybrids, road bikes, mountain bikes, children’s bikes, recumbents and more. The inventory covers all price ranges, so you’re sure to find something that suits your budget. And you’ll be going “green” by getting a gently used bike rather than a new one.

See below for instructions on filling out a Bike Seller Registration form.

2. Where and when are the Swaps?

There are two Swaps in 2022!

When: Sunday, April 24* from 11 am- 3 pm Where: The Lewiston USM campus

Address: 51 Westminster St. Lewiston, ME 04240 in the parking lot off of Saratoga Street.

*If you are selling a bike, you must drop it off on Saturday, April 23, between noon-3 pm.


When: Sunday, June 12* from 11 am- 3 pm Where: The Gorham USM campus

Address: USM Field House (43 Campus Ave. Gorham, ME 04038).

*If you are selling a bike, you must drop it off on Saturday, June 11, between noon-3 pm.

3. Is there an entrance fee?

Yes. Please bring cash! $5 for adults and teenagers.

FREE for children ages 12 and under and University of Southern Maine students (please remember to bring your student ID) If you are selling a bike your registration fee also gets you into the Swap that you are selling at.

4. Can I volunteer?

Thank you to everyone that signed up. The volunteer form is now closed.

We cannot put on the Swaps without a hardworking group of volunteers. Volunteers are needed on Saturday, June 11 to help with bike check-in, and setup, as well as on Sunday, June 12 for additional set-up, sales, fitting, and security. To say thank you, volunteers will have first pick of bikes, as well as free admission to the Swaps, a t-shirt, coffee and lunch on Sunday.

5. What precautions are you taking against COVID-19?

Updated April 21, 2022, per University of Southern Maine, and the BCM: For indoor events of more than 75 persons, face coverings are required. Proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative test is required at indoor University events of more than 250 persons. The University System, at its sole discretion, may permit individuals who are not age-eligible for vaccination (currently those younger than 5 years old effective January 4, 2022) entrance to gatherings. Attempted or actual entry to events for which this requirement is applicable by individuals who do not meet these requirements: or presenting fraudulent information in an attempt to gain entry may result in action by the University System, for instance prohibiting such individuals from further University System gatherings, or other appropriate action. Visitors, including those who are not eligible by age to receive a vaccination and those asserting a religious objection or medical contraindication to vaccination, will be allowed to present a negative COVID-19 test instead of proof of vaccination. 

The Gorham Swap will be located indoors at the Field House, and proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test (from the past 48 hours) will be required for all attending over age 5, as the event is over 75 people and indoors. Additionally, masks will be required.

6. Getting to the Swap:

Address: USM Field House (43 Campus Ave. Gorham, ME 04038).

Click here to see map for parking.

You can also take the Husky Line bus from Westbrook or Portland to Gorham and back. Click here to see the schedule.

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Bicycle Registration

1. How do I register a bike to sell?

Registration is now closed. You may sell up to 20 bikes, and each bike needs its own form. If you need help filling out the form, please contact All bikes need to be dropped off at the Swap on Saturday, June 11 between noon and 3 pm. Bikes will NOT be accepted on the morning of the Swap.

Even if you do not know all of the answers to questions asked on the online registration form, we strongly suggest that you complete as many fields as you can, to the best of your ability. A “price and condition advisor” will be available to help you price your bike when you drop it off. Please see below under “How do I price my bike?” for quick pricing advice. Historically, bikes priced at $300 or below are the most likely to sell.

*The Bicycle Coalition of Maine takes a 15% commission from the sale price of the bike to help cover the cost of the event. Consider adding 15% to the price you are thinking of when deciding what to price your bike, to offset this commission.*

2. Can I register my bike on-site?

No bikes will be accepted on the morning of the Swap (Sunday). Please register your bike online, before dropping it off at the Swap on Saturday. If you need any assistance filling out the Bike Seller Registration Form, please contact

3. Does it cost anything to sell a bike at the Swap?

There is a $5 cash fee per bike to sell your bike at the Swap, which will be collected during check-in on Saturday.

If you have between 11 and 20 bikes to sell, the fee is a flat $55.

This fee includes admission to the Swap! (You may write a check for a total of $25 or more).

4. How do I price my bike?

If you really want your bike to sell, price it well! When deciding on a price for your bike, take into consideration the price you paid for the bicycle, its current condition (age, required maintenance, etc.) and most importantly: how motivated you are to sell the bike. Historically, bikes priced at $300 or below are the most likely to sell.

Here are some suggested pricing guidelines to help you:

Age & Condition

  • 1-3 years old: 50-25% off original price
  • 4-7 years old: 70-30% off original price
  • 8+ years old: 60% + off original price

Please keep in mind that vintage or collector’s bicycles follow a different pricing structure. When selling department store or big-box store bikes, consider pricing them at $50 or less.

Answering the following questions will also help determine the value of your bicycle:

  • When was the last time the bike had a tune up?
  • Are there any parts that have been replaced with higher quality or newer components?
  • Are there any components that will need to be replaced soon (i.e. tires)? If so, you may want to take off an additional $50 or so.

Motivation To Sell

At the end of the day, the biggest question you need to answer is: How motivated am I to sell this bike? Are you highly motivated or might you want to take it home if it doesn’t sell? Consider this when pricing your bicycle.

How can I increase the value of my bike?

You can increase the value of your bicycle by following a few simple steps:

  • Wipe your bike down with a damp rag, giving it a basic cleaning
  • Complete an ABC Quick Check
  • Ride it around the block to make sure there’s nothing wrong

There will be volunteer “price and condition advisors” who can help you price your bike when you drop it off at the Swap. Even though you might include accessories with the bike, please keep in mind that these might not increase the value to perspective buyers.

Bikes that are in unsafe mechanical condition will be deemed “unrideable” by Swap mechanics and will have a “Bike Not Rideable” sticker placed on their sales tags. This policy is in place to protect Swap attendees from test riding unsafe bicycles. These bikes may still be sold, but buyers will understand that they should not be ridden in their current condition.

5. When do I drop off my bike to sell?

Bike drop off will be at the USM Gorham Campus on Saturday, June 11 from 12-3 pm and Saturday. There is a $5 cash fee per bike, collected during drop off. There will be volunteer “price and condition advisor” who can help you price your bike when you drop it off.

No bikes will be accepted on the day of the Swap.

6. I don’t want to sell my bike. Can I just donate it?

Yes! Donated bikes will benefit the Earn-A-Bike Program or Bikes For All Mainers.

If you are donating your bike, please fill out the online seller form normally, including pricing your bike, and click “donate to BCM” at the bottom of the page.

7. Can I sell bike parts? What about gear?

We’re not taking parts this year.

Please consider donating your parts and gear to the Portland Gear Hub, located at 155 Washington Avenue in Portland. All donations are tax-deductible.

8. How do I know if my bike DOES sell? When will I receive the sale proceeds?

The easiest way is to come to the event! The fee for selling your bike gets you into the Swap as well. Also, if your bike is sold, you will receive an email letting you know in real time.

If your bike is sold, we will send you a check within two weeks of the Swap for the sale price of your bicycle(s) minus the 15% commission. (Please make sure your mailing address is up-to-date when you register!)

9. What happens if my bike does NOT sell?

Check your email around 2:50-3pm. You will see an email saying that your bike has NOT SOLD, and you will need to pick up your bike between 3-4:30 pm at the Swap. If you do not pick up your bike by 4:30 pm that day, it will be considered a donation.

Donated bikes will benefit the Earn-A-Bike Program or Bikes For All Mainers.

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At the Swap

1. Can I test ride a bike?

Yes, please do, and bring a helmet! Just NOT on the display floor. You can test ride your bike in our Test Ride Area before buying it. In our Test Ride Area you’ll fill out a waiver, hand over an ID, be fitted for a helmet (if you didn’t bring one), and a mechanic will do a quick check before you are directed to the Test Ride track.

2. How do I find the right bike for me?

When choosing your bike, please bear in mind the Swap is a consignment-style sale. These are used bikes, and the price of the bike and information provided on the tag is from the seller of the bicycle. In addition, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine cannot guarantee the condition of the bicycles or their histories, and all bikes sales are final.

  • Think about what kind of bike you are looking for and the kind of riding you’d like to do. Will you be commuting or getting around town? Mountain or trail riding? Road riding or touring?
  • Where to start? Bicycles are arranged in categories by type of bike (mountain, road, kids, etc.); look for the signs to find the type of bike you are looking for.
  • Consult a volunteer Bike Fit Advisor (walking the sales floor), test ride your bike, and get a mechanical check. We provide these services to help ensure your new bicycle is just right for you.
  • If you cannot find your dream bike on the racks, keep in mind that some bikes are in the test ride area being tested out by other buyers. Come to the second Swap in Gorham on June 12 to see a whole new bunch of bikes!
  • Please be mindful of other shoppers while considering your purchase or test riding. Make bikes that you are not buying available to others ASAP.

3. Is there early admission to the Swap?

Nope! Join us anytime from 11-3 pm to shop. If you volunteer with us you will however get first dibs on bikes. Sign up to help us out here.

4. How do I pay for a bike?

We will be accepting cash or all major credit cards for your purchases. All sales are final.

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