BikeMaine FAQS

Below we’ve addressed some questions you may have. It’s also possible you have questions we haven’t addressed, and if so, please contact us and we’ll do our best to get you the information you need.

BikeMaine 2020 Cancellation Announcement:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce BikeMaine 2020 will not be taking place this September. After carefully considering all options and contingencies, consulting with leaders in our host communities, and referring to Gov. Janet Mills’ guidelines for hosting events in Maine in the coming months, it is clear that we cannot operate a ride that is up to our standards while also safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our riders, volunteers, staff, and the general population of our host region.

1. When will BikeMaine 2021 registrations be open to the public?

This would usually be the time that we are opening up ride registration. We’ve had some questions about this, so we wanted to let everyone know that we are putting 2021 registration on hold as we continue to asses the situation around COVID-19 and its impact on travel and events.

2. Why was BikeMaine 2020 cancelled?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Janet Mills’ Staged Approach for re-opening Maine prohibits gatherings of 50 or more people through at least the end of August. Given that timeframe, hosting a weeklong gathering of 500+ in mid-September will likely not be allowed. Even if restrictions are lifted, the health and wellbeing of our riders, volunteers, staff, and host communities would be severely jeopardized by operating the event. Additionally, the availability of our volunteer corps—the backbone of the event—has been called into question by uncertain economic and employment shifts, travel restrictions, and other factors.

3. I’m registered for BikeMaine 2020, what do I do now? 

Please check your email. Registered riders were sent an email listing everything they have purchased for the ride, with a link to a form called “BikeMaine 2020 Rider Registration Options.

On the form, you can choose one of the following options: 

  1. Roll your registration and extras over to BikeMaine 2021: Katahdin Frontier at no additional cost.
  1. Donate all or part of your refund to the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that has been making Maine better for biking and walking since 1992. Your donation is tax deductible! See more information about donating below. 
  1. Receive a refund of your registration and any extras purchased, minus a $150 administrative fee. 

*Purchased items include registration and extras (parking pass, tent and porter, beer cards, towels, chairs). For information on BikeMaine jerseys, or Summer Feet reservations, please see below. 

** If we have not heard from you by June 30, we will roll over your registration and extras to BikeMaine 2021. You will then receive a follow-up email in September (like anyone that elects to roll over) with new waivers to complete. 

4. I don’t see the email, where is the form?

Please check the email you used when you registered for BikeMaine. You can also find the form again HERE. If you have questions about the form, contact us at

 5. What is the administrative fee?

The BikeMaine staff has been hard at work planning BikeMaine 2020 since June 2019. Cancelling this event comes at a cost, not only to BCM, but to the Maine communities that BikeMaine supports economically. This fee helps us to cover the cost expenses incurred to-date, including processing fees, host community planning committees, staff and independent contractor time, and purchased equipment. The $150 administrative fee is the same as is deducted under the current BikeMaine refund policy.

6. If I roll over my registration but have to cancel later, what is the refund policy?

The refund policy will continue to be the cost of registration minus $150 until May 31, 2021. Starting June 1, 2021, no refunds will be issued. 

7. How and when will I receive my refund? 

You will receive your refund by check made out to the name and mailing address provided on the “BikeMaine 2020 Rider Registration Options” form. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing from the date the form is submitted. If you’d like the check sent to a different address, please provide it in the comments.

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8. If I donate some or all of my registration costs, what does my money go towards?

Your donation will help the Bicycle Coalition of Maine continue our advocacy, education, and collaborative efforts to make Maine a better place to bike and walk. Founded by a small group of cyclists in 1992, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine has grown into one of the most effective bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups in the country. The Bicycle Coalition of Maine is funded predominantly by donations from individual and business members. We attribute our success to the dedication of our members, board, staff, and partner businesses and organizations. 

9. Can I receive a refund and donate? 

Yes! You can choose to donate the entire amount of your refund or any portion of it. If you choose to donate the entire refund amount, thank you! You will be enrolled in our Yellow Jersey Club—which comes with our deepest gratitude, a spiffy Yellow Jersey Club cycling jersey, and invitations to exclusive BCM events. 

Of course, we appreciate any amount you feel comfortable donating, and we will put it to good use! Please remember, the $150 administrative fee is not a tax-deductible donation.

10. Is my donation tax deductible? 

Yes! The BCM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. A tax receipt will be emailed to you within a month of your form submission. 

11. What if I purchased more than one registration? 

The person that paid for the registration should fill out the “BikeMaine 2020 Rider Registration Options” form with their name. We will assume that all people registered with that person will choose the same option. If you wish to choose different options for multiple riders (e.g. one rider must cancel, but the second is rolling over to 2021) please indicate this under Special Instructions on the form. 

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12. I want to roll my registration over to BikeMaine 2021, do my extras (tent and porter, towels, chairs, beer cards, parking, jerseys) roll over as well? What if I need to change something? 

If you are rolling your registration over, your extras will be rolled over as well. This includes parking passes, tent and porter, beer cards, towels, and chairs ONLY.

This does not include BikeMaine jerseys purchased via VOmax or Summer Feet lodging packages. Please see below for information regarding these purchases. 

If you have special instructions for us (e.g. you wish to cancel an extra like towels or tent and porter) please indicate this in the Special Instructions section on the form. We will contact you to follow up if necessary. 

If you wish to roll over your registration and add an extra item (e.g. tent and porter) you will be able to do so once general registration opens. 

13. I purchased a BikeMaine jersey, will I receive a refund for that? Can I choose to keep the jersey?

All BikeMaine jersey purchases will be refunded and there is no option to receive the jersey, as all orders would have been processed and produced in bulk. The producer, VOmax, will be automatically refunding all jersey orders, and will email you to confirm the amount. 

However, the BikeMaine VOmax store will remain open for other classic BikeMaine merchandise purchases. Bicycle Coalition of Maine merchandise is also available at 

14. I purchased a Summer Feet lodging package, will that be refunded? 

Click here to contact Summer Feet by email or phone. Guests can elect to cancel their reservation and receive a refund less a $100.00 per-person fee, or they can elect to convert the deposit to a gift card valid for BikeMaine 2021, or any Summer Feet tours, and 20% will be added to that total. 

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