Slow ME Down Testimonials

When we launched the Slow ME Down anti-speeding campaign in June 2020, we asked supporters to sign a letter of support as a commitment to drive slower, obey speed limits, and protect pedestrians, people on bikes, and other vulnerable users.

As part of the petition, we gave supporters an opportunity to share their personal stories and tell us why they care about slowing Maine drivers down. Out of the hundreds that signed, nearly every person provided a comment, and we’d like to share these sincere, heartfelt, and moving stories with you.

Person uses crosswalk to cross street.

Note: Unless permissions were specifically given, we have not included the names of any signers below. If you see your testimonial and want to give us permission, just email and let us know!

“Valuing the preciousness of life requires a more human speed.” – Turil Cronburg, Searsport

“My father was killed walking across to his work in a crosswalk 5 years ago. I’ve been to Augusta and spoke about this and worked to get the crosswalk laws changed. The person who killed him walked away free.” – Kriss Grant-Evans, Stetson

“I commute 2-3 days a week by bike and am nervous to see distracted speeding drivers in ever increasing numbers.” – C.K., Yarmouth

“Despite years of bike/ped advocacy in our area, the biggest barrier to adoption of cycling as a transportation alternative is fear of motorist/bicycle collisions. It’s time to get real about sharing the road!” – S.V., Norway

“I want to finish living my 8th decade by continuing to ride my bike safely on Maine roadways.” – Sue Ellen Bordwell, Yarmouth

“Why would they put my life in danger for the few seconds it takes to keep me alive?” – G.E., Gorham

“This past January, I was hit by a car as I was crossing the street in a marked crosswalk as a pedestrian! When the ambulance picked me up, the EMT’s told me I was the second person they’d picked up in that spot in a week. This is ridiculous.” – T.H., Westbrook

“Speeding lowers property values and makes children and adults less likely to spend time outdoors. Being outdoors in safe, pleasant, public spaces improves everyone’s mental and physical health and helps build cohesive communities.” – R.G., Hallowell

“Many families live within walking distance to our local schools, but fear of car traffic prevents them from walking.” – C.K., Hallowell

“I am afraid to ride the roads around my home.” – C.O., Kingfield

People with bikes gather for dedication ceremony before a group ride.

“I have a friend whose wife was killed, I have a traumatic brain injury and a broken clavicle… but it’s the fear that is most troubling.” – L.H., South Berwick

“Every single time I go out I see at least one near miss between a motor vehicle and non-motorized user. Drivers think it’s no big deal to go a few miles over the speed limit, until it’s their law-abiding child who almost gets hit. I can’t even count how many times that has happened in my family.” – L.D., York

“I have been hit by motor vehicles 3 times— once jogging and twice while cycling. This issue is deeply personal for me.” – M.R., Greene

“I want to commute to work, the store, or a friend’s house without a motorist beeping at me occupying a far-right third of a travel lane. I’d like to jump on the bike without a family member issuing a warning about the dangers vehicles pose to cyclists on the road. I’d love to feel safe and know that motorists’ have my best interests in mind as we share the road together.” – K.P., Bangor

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