Support your local bike shop!

The BCM supports bike shops across the state, and many bike shops support the BCM by taking business memberships—we are inextricably linked.  We encourage our members to support their local bike shop when buying bikes, bike parts, and bike accessories for the following reasons:

  • Most bike shops are independently owned and operated. Supporting local businesses strengthens our communities and ensures they will thrive for our benefit.
  • Working with the BCM, our bike shops help increase access to safe cycling routes and trails.
  • Bike shops are knowledgeable—nothing can replace face-to-face contact with an expert. There are many choices and potential pitfalls to bike purchases that a local expert can help you avoid.
  • Size matters. Getting the correct bike fit is essential to enjoyment of the sport. Bike shops are equipped to do detailed sizing and customize fit, and they provide an opportunity to test ride the fit for comfort. 
  • Bike shops will assist you with compatibility for parts and accessories. Most parts are not universal, nor are they of universally high quality.
  • Bike shops offer a sustainability proposition. Shipping parts to your home, and possibly re-shipping when they do not fit or work, has a high footprint associated with it.
  • Bike shop employees become friendly allies to your cause. When you build loyalty with a bike shop, they recognize you when you come in, greet you by name, and prioritize your needs.
  • Bike shops offer expert repairs. And when you bring a bike into the shop where you purchased it, you can be sure they have the correct parts and will treat your bike as an extension of their shop. You might even have their sticker on your frame!
  • Bike shops know the score. You can learn about bike clubs, group rides, safe routes, and cycling events across Maine through your local shop.

For these reasons and more, the BCM encourages you to take advantage of our bike shop contact list and get acquainted with your local bike shop the next time you need a new bike, parts, or service.

Bicycle Coalition of Maine