The Women’s Ride Registration

Welcome to the 2021 Women’s Ride, happening statewide on June 5! Thanks to all those that signed up as hosts, we have many different ride choices to offer women throughout the state, of all riding styles and abilities!

Below is a map of the ride locations. Scroll around and click on the icons to learn about the type of ride (road, gravel, or mountain bike), ride level, route information, start time, and host info. All rides will have a leader and a sweep. Choose a ride that suits your level of riding, or try something new—NO ONE will be left behind.

There are four ride levels on the map:

  • Brand new (i.e. someone who is either new to group rides, or riding in general! These are the shortest, and flattest routes, or rail trails).
  • Casual (i.e. someone who may be new to group rides, but is used to riding around their neighborhoods. Slightly longer, still easy paced, maybe some hills).
  • Intermediate (i.e. someone who bikes regularly for recreation or for exercise. Longer routes, hills are likely).
  • Seasoned (i.e. someone used to riding with groups, and/or longer rides. Longer routes, faster riding, hills are likely.)

When you’ve found the one you want to attend, find the name below the map to register! Registration is pay-what-you-can, with a suggested donation of $35.

To ensure a safe and engaging riding experience, all rides are limited to 25 participants (or less). If the ride you are looking for is full, please try and find another location. If you are unable to attend any others, shoot us an email, and we can add you to the waitlist. We may even be able to organize another ride in that same location if enough people are interested, so please let us know!


Click on a location below to register for that ride. Please note that each ride has a different start time and difficulty. See the map above for more information on any ride.

LocationRide TypeRide Level
Auburnmountainbrand new & casual
Auburn roadbrand new & casual
Augusta FULLroad (rail trail)casual
Bethelroad (with some gravel/dirt)brand new & casual
Carrabassett Valleymountain brand new through seasoned
Cherryfieldgravelbrand new & casual
Falmouth FULLroadintermediate
Greenvillegravelcasual & intermediate
Kittery roadcasual through seasoned
Portlandroadbrand new & casual
South Portland roadbrand new & casual
Thomastonmountainintermediate & seasoned
Topshammountaincasual & intermediate
Winter Harborroadcasual & intermediate
Yarmouth FULLroadbrand new & casual
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