Statement on Attacks Against Asian Community

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine is grieving with the Asian American community following the abhorrent attacks in Georgia and across the country. There has been a disturbing increase in these attacks recently, including here in Maine, and it must stop. Our streets, sidewalks, parks, open spaces, and communities should be safe for all, and there is no excuse for physical violence, verbal assaults, or harassment of any kind. At a time when unity is especially important, we all need to remember that members of the Asian American community are our family, they are our friends, they are our neighbors, and they are our fellow Mainers. We will continue to stand with them—and all victims of injustice—as a united front against racism, misogyny, bigotry, and discrimination.

Jean Sideris, Executive Director
Bicycle Coalition of Maine
Tina West, President
Bicycle Coalition of Maine

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