Invest in Pedestrian Facilities Before the Next Tragedy

(PORTLAND, Maine) May 27, 2021 – The Bicycle Coalition of Maine (BCM) applauds Augusta city officials for exploring options to add pedestrian facilities on Cony Road where three pedestrians, including a one-year-old girl, were hit and killed by a driver last week. 

The BCM implores city and town officials all over the state to take steps now to invest in pedestrian, bicycle, and ADA facilities to ensure all road users’ safety is part of our street design. Conducting walk audits, installing bicycle or pedestrian counters, and hosting community surveys or public forums are all examples of steps that can be taken now to identify places where people are already walking and need safer facilities.

“Let’s not wait for another tragedy to occur before taking action,” said BCM Executive Director Jean Sideris. “Together, we can invest in pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure to make Maine a safer place for everyone.”

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine has resources and tools available for communities to improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities—from safety education, to traffic calming demonstrations, to the training of local advocates all across Maine.

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