Pedestrian Killed in Standish

(PORTLAND, Maine) December 13, 2023 – William Hood, 54, was killed by a driver in a Subaru Legacy on Tuesday evening. 

“Another tragic loss of life. We send our deepest condolences to the victim’s loved ones,” said Bicycle Coalition of Maine (BCM) Executive Director Jean Sideris. 

The incident is under investigation, but early reports indicate alcohol was involved. The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office asks anyone who may have witnessed the crash to call 207-893-2810.

The BCM urges law enforcement to carefully examine the roadway conditions, pedestrian facilities, history of crashes at this location, driver and pedestrian behavior, phone use records, and any additional circumstances that may have been contributing factors. 

The BCM encourages all drivers to slow down and look for people biking or walking, especially in residential areas where no bicycle or pedestrian facilities exist. Pedestrians should use sidewalks or walk against traffic and take precautions to be seen, such as wearing high visibility clothing or lights. Bicyclists should ride with traffic, and use rear and front lights. 

Eighteen pedestrians have been killed by drivers in Maine this year, according to the BCM’s tracking, and MaineDOT reports another 212 have been hit and injured. In addition to these pedestrian deaths and injuries, one bicycle rider has been killed and 134 bicyclists have been injured in crashes with motor vehicles.

In 2022, 16 pedestrians and two bicyclists were killed, according to the BCM’s tracking, and the MaineDOT reported 217 pedestrians and 163 cyclists were injured on Maine roads. In the period from 2018 to 2022, pedestrians accounted for 9.4% of Maine’s roadway fatalities (68 persons). 


The Bicycle Coalition of Maine works to make Maine a better and safer place to bike and walk. Founded in 1992, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine has grown into the leading bicycle and pedestrian advocacy group in the state. The Coalition believes all Mainers should have access to bikes and bike education, and we envision a future where Maine’s roads, public ways, and trails are safe and accessible, resulting in cleaner travel options, improved health, and stronger economic benefits for Maine communities.

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