Slow Maine Down Actions

Speeding endangers cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers. Data shows even small increases in speed increase the lethality of a crash with a vulnerable user. Speed affects everything from how fast a car can come to a stop to how quickly a moment of distraction becomes a disaster.

In Maine, towns and cities have tremendous control over how local roadway systems are designed and maintained. Even requests to the MaineDOT are most effective coming from the municipal level.

We are inviting all roadway users who share our concern about speeding to join our campaign. Together, we can Slow ME Down and encourage more people to bike and walk. Get involved today!

1. Slow down! You can have an immediate impact today by driving at or below the posted speed limit, paying attention, and keeping watch for cyclists, walkers, and others!       

2. Sign the letter of support and tell us why you care about this issue. Personal stories like these are the most effective and powerful way to make change. Early this spring, we will deliver the letter to the signatories’ mayors, town managers, chairs of selectboards, or city councils. When we are ready to deliver, we will be in touch about how you can help!

3. Become a Community Spoke: Join the growing team of advocates across the state. Get the training, education, and ongoing support you need to take action locally. 

4. Donate to the BCM. Your support has a direct impact on the success of this statewide campaign.