Slow ME Down

Speeding endangers cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers. Studies show that even small increases in speed increase the lethality of a crash with a vulnerable user. (A “vulnerable user” is defined as “a person on a public way who is more vulnerable to injury than a person in an automobile, truck, or other similar motor vehicle.”) Speed affects everything from how fast a car can stop to how quickly a moment of distraction becomes a disaster.

Roadways with high speed limits are not inviting to vulnerable users, and studies show just living near speeding traffic adversely impacts residents’ satisfaction with their homes in terms of noise and the perceived dangers associated with traveling on roads with little to no bicycle or pedestrian infrastructure.   

Slower is always safer, yet driving 5-10 mph over a posted speed limit in Maine is common, even on residential roads and in city centers where you’re likely to find vulnerable users. It is time to slow Maine down. 

In response to the concerns we most frequently hear at public forums, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine has launched a statewide campaign intended to help change people’s attitudes about speeding in cars. The goal is to create a new social norm for drivers in Maine that makes it acceptable to drive at or below the speed limit to protect all road users in residential and business contexts.

We are inviting all roadway users who share our concern about speeding to sign a letter of support for change. 

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